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Python Tool Error - DataWrap2WrigleyDb


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • All versions
  • Python Tool

Error Message from the Python tool (See screenshot):
DataWrap2WrigleyDb::GoRecord: Attempt to seek past the end of the file


The cause of this error is from one of the incoming data sources having 0 records. If you see the below example, it has two data sources: the first one has 0 records and the second one has 1 record.

If you use the function on the first incoming connection you will run into the error:


There are two ways of resolving this error:
  1. Double check the incoming data source that is causing this error (you can determine which data source it is by the error message in the Python Tool or the Results window). Once you identified the data source that has 0 records, fix the data source itself (if it is meant to have records/data in it).
  2. If you want to have data sources that may come in with 0 records but want the Python tool not to error, you can try a try-catch block similar to the below code that will allow for incoming data sources to be "skipped" if they have 0 records.

You can see that it still threw an error for the first input data connection but it continued to read in data connection 2 and you would be able to keep nesting try/catches and If statements similar to this.