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Python Tool Doesn't Show Any Results or Errors on Run

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Python Tool Doesn't Show Any Results or Errors on Run


When running the Python tool in Alteryx, the output is blank, and no results or errors are shown.


  • Python may have been previously installed by another app (e.g., Anaconda)




  • Product - Alteryx Designer




To ensure the issue is with the Python tool in Alteryx, create a simple 2-tool workflow with test data and code as below. Click Run in the Python tool and verify the tool returns no output and no errors.


Step 1 - Run the workflow with a Text Input Tool and Python code as below



Step 2 - Verify that the Alteryx engine reports no errors




Step 3 - Verify that the Browse tool shows no data available





The IPython kernel being called by the Jupyter Notebook may be referencing a previously installed or non-existent Python binary, rather than the Python binary installed with Alteryx.




  1. Open an Administrator Command Prompt and navigate to: NOTE - For versions 2019.4 and up to 2021.1.4 (but not including) the PythonTool_venv was renamed to Jupytertool_venv. Then in 2021.1.4 and higher it was renamed to DesignerBaseTools_venv
    • Admin Version of Alteryx:C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\PythonTool_venv\Scripts
    • Non-Admin Version of Alteryx: %LocalAppData%\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\PythonTool_venv\Scripts
  2. Enter the command: jupyter kernelspec listimage.png
  3. Navigate to the directory returned in step (2) in a File Explorer. If you have multiple directories, repeat steps 3-4 for each directory.
  4. Open kernel.json in a Text Editor and verify that the first item in the argv list references the python.exe in the same directory as the directory from (1) or simply "python" in cases where the directory from (1) is included in your PATH Environmental Variable. To test if you have a valid argument, you can simply try entering the argument in a command prompt and it should open a Python shell. You can also include a direct path to the python.exe if changing PATH Variables is not an option for you similar to this path (C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\Miniconda3\PythonTool_venv\\python.exe  (Admin version), or %LocalAppData%\\Alteryx\\bin\\Miniconda3\\PythonTool_venv\\python.exe (Non-Admin))
  5. image.png


Additional Resources



Very helpful. Thanks @DaveF !

11 - Bolide



For the browse tool to display something on channel # 1 you have to put the following code.
if it's a dataframe
Alteryx.write (data, 1)

This will have output 1



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @geraldo - thanks for catching that! I fixed the screenshot. This article is actually showing an uncommon environmental setup when the data won't show up in #1 because Jupyter is looking for python in the wrong place, and how to fix it. 

8 - Asteroid

Hi DaveF,


I am first time using the python tool in my aleryx and i used a simple code in python tool

f = open("D:\\Python\\demofile2.txt", "x")
f.write("Now the file has more content!")


but it is not generated any file. Also it dont show me any error message.


I followed your all steps mentioned above and i tried a simple code as well but no luck 😞

from ayx import Alteryx
data =


I searched a lot on this topic but i didnt get any solution.


Could you please help me to fix this issue. I am using the Alteryx desinger 2019.1.6


Thank you!