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Publish To Tableau Server Error: Access Is Denied


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version 2018.1+
    • Desktop Automation license (Designer + Scheduler)
  • Publish To Tableau Server tool
    • Version 1.09
  • Tableau Server
    • Version10.5
Error creating the file “C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools\PublishToTableauServer\TableauServer.Selection.ServerSite.yxdb”:Access is denied. 

When scheduling a workflow with a Publish To Tableau Server tool, there is an access denied error. The error does not occur when manually running the workflow. 


When Designer processes a Publish To Tableau Server tool, the tool’s macro generates a file with site selection information to complete the connection. If the workflow is scheduled with Desktop Automation, the Alteryx Service needs to write this file and it does not have permission. 


Change the Alteryx Service log on account from the default of the Local System account to your Windows Active Directory account. 

Go to the Windows Search Bar, type in Services, and then in the Services screen, right-click on the Alteryx Service, and select Properties

Next, on the Log On tab, change the account to your Windows Active Directory account.

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I'm getting Error: The file was not uploaded successfully.

  • I'm manually running the workflow.
  • The problem is occurring for multiple Alteryx workflows.
  • These have been in use for a long time (>12 months).
  • I've disconnected and connected the tool.
  • I have deleted the tool and configured it again.
  • I've shut down Alteryx and opened the workflow again.


I can publish from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Online. So Tableau Online is not down. 


Any thoughts welcome. 





Hi @HelenL Thanks for posting. You mention that you are using Tableau Online. The error you are receiving is due to a separate issue, that started occurring after Tableau changed API responses in Tableau Online 2020.4 in some instances.

Please see the following article on how to resolve, and if you continue to encounter issues please don't hesitate to contact Alteryx Support.


Hope that helps and Happy Holidays!


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Thanks Sabrina. I've just been doing my month-end updates and it would have been a disaster without your timely advice above. I was pleased that I only needed to modify the connector once, not in every workflow. 


Thank you @HelenL ! Happy to help