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Prepare two inputs for Fuzzy Match Merge Mode


How to prepare two inputs for Fuzzy Match Merge Mode


Here is a quick reference guide that will help you prepare two different data sources for use with Fuzzy Match Merge Mode. This mode only compares data from different sources, and it is often used to merge new data back with the primary data source. The Fuzzy Match Tool accepts only one input, so you will need to prepare the data first.


  1. Join the data together, results that match exactly will go through the J output anchor and do not need fuzzy matching.


  1. The remaining data from the L and R output anchors will need record ids for matching. Add record IDs for the first input.


  1. Use the Formula Tool to create a new column for each input showing the source. A function with just a text string in quotes will add that text to each record. Using Merge Mode, the Fuzzy Match Tool will only compare records with a different source.


  1. Ensure the correct alignment of the columns in the Union Tool by using the Manually Configure Fields option.


  1. Sort by the Source column so that all the Input A records with a record ID are placed first in the list.


  1. Record IDs for the 2nd input are added after the join using an expression so that the IDs automatically start sequentially after the number of records in the 1st input.


  1. In the Fuzzy Matching configuration screen, use the new Record ID and Source ID fields, as well as the fuzzy match fields that were stacked together with the Union Tool.




Here you can see all fields needed for Fuzzy Match Merge Mode Configuration are available. 




The example workflow is attached. Once the Fuzzy Match merge is complete, there are many options for completing the workflow, such as adding a Unique Tool to remove duplicates and joining the matching records back with the original data. Please see the articles and training videos in the Additional Resource section for examples and more information.


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