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Predictive Tools Available Outside of Designer

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

The Alteryx Predictive Tools installation includes many great tools. Yet there are still many more available to download from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery:

Cognitive Services Text AnalyticsSentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and language detection via the Microsoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics API.Predictive DistrictMSFT Analytic Template
Cross ValidationCross validation for model comparison and evaluation.Predictive DistrictCross Validation Sample
Importance WeightsSelect a set of variables to use in a predictive model based on how strongly related each possible predictor is to the target variable.Predictive District
Model CoefficientsExtract the model coefficients from a standard Alteryx Count, Gamma, Linear, or Logistic Regression model. This is a simple macro, and one of its purposes is to be used as a template by users to create their own macros to extract information from an R model object.Predictive District
Model ComparisonCompare the performance of one or more different predictive models based on the use of a validation (or test) data set based on a training/test approach.Predictive DistrictModel Comparison Sample
Multidimensional ScalingGenerate a map between items based on the dissimilarities, or distances, between items.Predictive DistrictMultidimensional Scaling Sample
Output ModelWrite to disk either a native R binary file or PMML file from an R model object.Predictive District
Survival AnalysisModel the time until occurrence of an event (e.g., lapse of life insurance policy).Predictive DistrictSurvival Analysis Sample
Survival ScoreProduce the relative risk and restricted mean values based on a survival analysis model.Predictive DistrictSurvival Analysis Sample
TS Forecast FactoryProvide forecasts from groups of either ARIMA or ETS models for a user-specified number of future periods.Predictive DistrictTS Factory Sample
TS Model FactoryEstimate time series forecasting models for multiple groups at once using the autoregressive moving average (ARIMA) method or the exponential smoothing (ETS) method.Predictive DistrictTS Factory Sample
Variance Inflation FactorsProduce a coefficient summary report that includes either the variance inflation factor (or VIF) or a generalized version of the VIF (GVIF) for all variables except the model intercept.Predictive DistrictVariance Inflation Factors Sample
K-MedoidsClustering with the pam (partitioning around medoids) function of R's cluster package. One benefit of this method of clustering over what can be done with the K-Centroids tool is that clusters can be based on a distance or dissimilarity matrix produced from the MB Affinity tool. The combination of the MB Affinity and K-Medoids is one way to see how items "group together" (such as products in a shopping basket) in a way that is often very useful.Laboratory DistrictK-Medoids Sample
Partial DependencyCreate partial dependency plots, which visually shows the relationship between a predictor variable and the predicted value of the target variable, as a well as an assessment of each predictor's relative "impact" (the range of values over which the predictor can "move" the predicted value of the target).Laboratory DistrictPartial Dependency Sample

Once you've downloaded the tool you need, you can add it to the Designer Tool Palette by following the Macro Installation instructions.

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13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Thank you @NeilR  I don't know why I did know this super helpful list until today.