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PostgreSQL Bulk Loader failed to enter copy state


Environment Details

When utilizing the new PostgreSQL bulk loader to write to the database you get the follow error:

PostgreSQL Bulk loader failed to enter copy state. ERROR: syntax error at or near "(¶LINE 1: ...eagp_assembly_analytics.testbulkloader from STDIN (DELIMETER...¶



Alteryx Designer

  • 2020.3

PostgreSQL version

  • 8.2.15
  • 8.3.23



This is a Postgres version issue. Postgres changed the syntax for the COPY command slightly and they added parameters.

The command we run uses the the ENCODING parameter which wasn't added until version 9.1 of Postgres. 


8.3 documentation

9.1 documentation

Release Notes 9.1


Upgrade to Postgres version 9.4 or higher. 

Alteryx Help PostgreSQL
Validated On:    
Database Version 9.4
ODBC Client Version 09.06.0310
ODBC Client Version 11.7

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