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Output to an Excel Template File



Can an excel template be updated if the incoming information is not in a block form?  Say I want to fill in a form from an existing list into something like this template.






This is a question we get from time to time. There are a few options on how to do this, the below provided by

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8 - Asteroid



I was using Option 1, mentioned above, and would often times open the file after Alteryx had run to find that some tabs had been deleted. I could never find a pattern, because it was never the same tabs that would be deleted.




In this senario i would output to the output tabs and agregate them into the Summary tab. Each output was blocked by a Block Until Done so Alteryx wasnt trying to access the in-use file.


Have you all seen this before and/or know of any fixes?


My work around was to output to File A and put my summary in File B that refferenced File A. Definitely not ideal due to the limitations of Excel.


Windows 7

Alteryx 10.5

Excel 2010


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5 - Atom

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I created a workflow that splits 1 file into multiple excel files (into specific template).  The issue I have is that its is also adding the column titles that are already in my template, so I get the column title in duplicate (in red below).  Any idea how I could avoid this? workflow.PNG


Numéro de client RogersNuméro de client SAGIRNom du client (org membre du regroupement )
Numéro de client RogersNuméro de client SAGIRNom du client (org membre du regroupement )
QM0445CP2445Agence du revenu du Québec
QM0445CP2445Agence du revenu du Québec



7 - Meteor

I had similar issue. My work around of getting rid of fields is renaming those headers to whatever desired one row above the output data in the spreadsheet. For empty cell, you can rename the field name as " " (make sure you have at least one space there). Fortunately it will be trimmed in the spreadsheet output.