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Output different files to multiple tabs in an Excel file

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If you have two or more files, different structure, and you would like to output each file into a separate tabs in an Excel spreadsheet. You could use the table tool to create snippets and the Layout tool to create sections breaks.


Bring in your files using the Input tool and connect them to Table tools to create the snippets.  Finally, Join them by record position.

The Layout Tool properties should look as follows.  Select Vertical with Section Breaks for the Orientation setting.

The output will show each file in a separate tab:

Picture 1.jpg

Picture 2.jpg


Its not giving output in multiple excel tabs. 




Thank you very much, it helped me a lot!

Now, in terms of customization, do you have a quick and nice way to change the tab names?




Hi @Aure,


I'm not sure if there is a way to control the sheet name when outputting to an Excel file with the Reporting tools. However, if you aren't concerned with the format of the Excel file and just want the data written to Excel on specifically named worksheets, I would recommend the method described on this Community page.


Hi @Aure,


If you group your data in the Table Tool by the field that holds the name you want to give your tabs in Excel, then this field will be available in the Layout tool for the 'Section Name' which will give the name to the Excel tab.









In order to have a date added to your export file and name the tabs, select both in the Table as Group by but remove from the Per Column Configuration then I used Multi-join by record position, in the Layout you can follow above where Layout Mode is Each Individual Record, and then in the per section configuration check box the Section Name: Use Field and do so for each table being input based on its record ID associated with it to name your tabs. Then in the Render command select the check box Group Data Into Separate Reports and select the date field you needed.


This worked great to name both the tabs and the file with a date stamp.


Thanks @Alteryx_KB and @MargaritaW! Between your two posts, I was able to solve for my use case. Thank you!




Thanks for the above thread.

I have tried the approach mentioned by @Alteryx_KB and @MargaritaW , but the output is overwritten while rendering in separate tabs.



The data has to be rendered in the same worksheet with each Category as Tab names.



The output file overwrites the Category name during each iteration of the macro, and retains only the last Category after the complete run.


My data has different schema based on multiple Categories. I have used a macro to aggregate the data which is grouped by each Category, and then renders the output inside the macro. Using the settings mentioned by @Alteryx_KB  seems to have worked, but the sheets are overwritten during each iteration of the macro, and only the last Category is retained in the file after the entire run.


Any ideas on how to resolve this particular issue?