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Oracle - Special character "≥" returns incorrectly as "="

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



When using special charater "≥" value in a database Input Data tool, the field displays as "=".


In an Oracle Database tool, the value of the field display as:

≥20% range

In Desinger Data Input tool, the value displays as:

=20% range


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • All
  • Oracle
    • All
    • Database character set is AL32UTF8



Unicode character is corrupted. String/V_String formats only accept Latin-1 characters, and ≥ is not a Latin-1 character. 


  1. Go to the ODBC Data Source Administrator configuration
  1. Depending on how you set up your DSN, select either the User DSN or System DSN tab.
  2. Select your existing Oracle Data Source and click Configure.
  3. NOTE: If you do not have an existing Oracle Data Source, please review the article "How to Connect to an Oracle Database in Alteryx " to set one up.
  4. In the Oracle ODBC Configuration window, select the Workarounds tab and check "Force SQL_WCHAR Support". This checkbox enables Unicode support, so Unicode characters are extracted and transferred into Alteryx as a WString or V_WString instead of as a String/V_String.

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