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ORA-12154 TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified



Environment Details

Error when attempting to establish an oracle OCI connection in server or designer. Uploads from designer to server(gallery) may also fail with the following errors.


ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve the connect identifier specified

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  • Alteryx Server
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This issue can occur if a new OCI instance client driver is installed with an existing OCI package. This may cause conflicts when referencing the tnsnames.ora file


Check and confirm the environmental variables are correctly configured to use the new driver and specify an additional parameter TNS_ADMIN to ensure the tnsnames.ora file is read from the correct location

Update the environmental variable path (Please note: local administrator rights are required to access environmental variables)

  1. Open the Control Panel on the windows machine, then select System
  2. Click on Advanced System Settings then Environmental Variables
  3. Under System variables find the PATH, then click on Edit
  4. Click on New and enter the path of the new OCI instant client
  5. Move the new path above all other oracle paths, You can use the Move Up/Down buttons to do this (see screenshot below)
  1. Click Ok then enter click New under systems variables
  2. Enter TNS_ADMIN for the variable name
  3. Enter the location of the tnsnames.ora file under variable value (See screenshot below)
  1. Save the changes and restart the node
Check the parameter names.directory_path in the machine's Oracle Client directory \OracleHome\network\admin\SQLNet.ora file to see what is specified. If you are using a tnsnames.ora file, move the TNSNAMES in the names.directory_path to the beginning of the paramter.

You can also uncomment out the names.directory_path.

Specifies the order of naming methods that are used when a client tries to connect to a database. Possible values: TNSNAMES, LDAP, ONAMES, HOSTNAME, EZCONNECT.

Please note:
  • In some instances, user may not have access to modify system variables due to permissions. Please liaise with your IT department to make the above changes. 
  • If the above does not resolve your issue there are additional checks posted on the following site which may help to troubleshoot this
  • Installation and configuration of oracle drivers is outside the Alteryx support scope.

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