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Not Enough Room on your Canvas? Here are a couple of tips!

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
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Everyone has their own way of organizing their window setup in Alteryx and there are a few tricks to make your canvas as user-friendly as possible.


My new favorite is the Ctrl+Tab and holding down Ctrl. Similar to toggling internet browser windows, this allows the user to toggle between workflows, but also tool windows. You can then place tool windows in the same position and then toggle between them. This will allow more room on the user's canvas since all of the tool windows will be in one spot!








Another great feature to open up canvas space is the Auto Hide. This will create tabs for you with each of the tool windows and hide them until you select the tab or use the feature above. When your window is docked you can hover over the pin (see below), click the pin, and your window will change to Undockable and Auto Hide. You should then see a tab on the screen with the window's name.



Auto Hide.jpg




We have many ways to configure your tool windows in Alteryx, so don't forget about the other options you have when you select the down arrow on the tool window (see below). These options can be beneficial when optimizing your view.







Floating: Allows users to move the window around the canvas as you please. This also allows you to move the window to another monitor.

Dockable: Allows users to place their window in a certain position on the canvas and will not move when selected or viewed.

Tabbed Document: This configuration will place your tool window in the same position as if it was another workflow.

Auto Hide: Hides the tool window until the tab is selected.

Hide: Hides the tool window.



Hope these tips help keep your canvas view!