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No Lua script was found


No Lua script was found


When reading in from a database, the following message is seen:


Info: Input Data (n): No Lua script was found for corresponding ODBC driver.




  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2018.4+
  • Windows Operating System
  • ODBC database connection





This message indicates that you are connecting to a database, and no Lua script was found. This is expected when you are connecting to a database that does not work out of the box with Alteryx.Please note this is a message and not an error or warning; it will in no way prevent your workflows from executing successfully if you are not using a custom Lua script.




To support new ODBC drivers that Alteryx has not validated/tested, you can create a custom Lua script that will map driver and database data types to Alteryx types.To learn more about this (and find sample Lua scripts) please see the documentationCustomizable ODBC Driver Connections found in the Alteryx bin folder of your install directory.
ie. C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\ODBC\Customizable ODBC Driver Connections.pdf

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Thanks for this post. We are seeing this message when we are trying to connect to a new DB via ODBC. We do not receive any error and the workflow runs fine. But it returns only 1 record. 


We do not see RuntimeData/ODBC in the bin folder. I've checked all other folders within Alteryx folder but I could not find RuntimeData folder.


FYI, we are able to connect to that DB via ODBC using other tools such as Tableau, Spotfire, Excel, etc. but it does not seem to work in Alteryx. 


What other troubleshooting steps do we need to take?




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12 - Quasar



I am also unable to find this documentation in the appdata as suggested above. I have 2019.2 has this changed in versions newer than 2018.4?


@Treyson I'm now seeing it in the bin directory of your alteryx install dir (mines in C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\ODBC\Customizable ODBC Driver Connections.pdf). Im not when changed, but ill update the article.

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12 - Quasar

Thank you @SophiaF !