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Naming Excel Tabs When Creating Reports (Layout Tool)

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When creating reports within Alteryx, you can name Excel tabs by specifying a column to use in the Layout tool. This is done in a 3 step process.


Step One:


Choose your grouping column; below, the Table tool is being used and [DMA_Name] is being used for the Group By field. This would also apply with the Charting and Map tools.






Step Two:


In the Layout tool, change the Layout Mode to Each Group Of Records. Next, choose the column you would like to Group By; for the example we will use [DMA_Name]. Next, change the Orientation to Vertical with Section Breaks. By doing this, the Section Name option will appear at the bottom of the tool configuration and allow you to choose the column you would like to use to name the Excel tabs.





Step Three:


Update the Render tool to create an Excel spreadsheet. In our example, each of the Excel tabs was named for the DMAs contained in the data.







Keep on reporting!


Hi @Alteryx_KB 


layout example file doesn't open and I can't seem to get your steps to work

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

@levell_x_dunn I've fixed the attachment. Can you try again?