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MongoDB Input : cursor id xxxxxxx not found: generic server error when reading a larger mongoDB collection using mongo Input tool

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


When  accessing the MongoDB that is backing the Alteryx server using the MongoDB Input tool reading in  AS_Schedules, AS_Queue, AS_Applications, AS_Results collections for analysis in a workflow, it throws the below error for larger collections

MongoDB Input: cursor id not found: generic server error

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer, Server 
    • Version 2020.4 +
  • Additional Tools 
    • MongoDB input tool



The cursor error that was returned is coming from MongoDB. When the result set that is being read is quite large and the cursor could possibly be timing out before reading. 
When having tested limiting the record size while reading a MongoDB collection and below are the results:
  • 1000 Records - 10:14 minutes - Success
  • 2000 Records - 19:32 minutes - Success
  • 3000 Records - Error - Error: MongoDB Input (28):Cursor id 400581627165 not found: Generic server error


To remove the timeout, the below code line needs to be configured in the mongo DB input tool as shown in the below screenshot:



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