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Merging cells with the Table Tool


In this post, a user asked if you can merge cells in the Table Tool like you can in excel. There are lots of ways you can get creative with the Table Tool, for example you can have your report span across the page in multiple columns as described here or you can add totals to your data to add to your report or create headers and sub-headers as described here


So, how do you merge cells using the Table Tool itself? You can merge cells by nesting a table inside another table:

1-4-2018 5-26-34 PM.png


Tables can be nested more than one deep, you could start off with city, roll up to region, and then to state: 

1-9-2018 11-10-05 AM.png


To clean up the doubled up header rows that are created when nesting tables like that, deselect "show column headings" in the Table Tools' settings:


 4-25-2018 3-54-11 PM.png


.... and create the header row in a separate Table Tool. In this example, we are also changing the background color and making the font bigger, and changing the wording to "Region" for the Region column: 


1-9-2018 11-23-43 AM.png


Lastly, there should also be subtotals for each region. As with anything in Alteryx, there are different ways of doing this, they could be added as described in this post, or the process used to create the headers can be used. First, the data is summed to create totals, then the totals are put into tables grouped by region: 


4-25-2018 3-36-53 PM.png  

Lastly, the table snippets are combined in a Layout Tool using the "Vertical Merge Contents to Line Up Table Columns" option: 


4-25-2018 3-49-21 PM.png


Also see the attached v2018.1 workflow for the complete example. 

8 - Asteroid

Could you please add the input files?  C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Samples\en\SampleData\CO Store File*.yxdb

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



The file you are requesting comes with the Alteryx software. This is our sample data. You actually should be able to find that file in the location you have added to the post if you have Alteryx loaded on your C:drive.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks - I was able to find the local files which were nested deep in a completely different path than the obvious file location.