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Maintaining and Sharing Macros

Community Data Engineer
Community Data Engineer
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Macros can be designed to treat nearly every and any repeatable operation in Alteryx. If you’re working with formalized, established, processes and prefer not to duplicate work, or you’ve just found a handful of useful macros on our Public Gallery, being able to maintain macros is a must.


Whether you’ve installed the macro or built it yourself, the Workflow Configuration Meta Info tab will be crucial:


Meta Info.png



1: A custom workflow name will appear as the macro tool name in both the Designer or Gallery; it will override the macro file name.




2: The description specified in this tab will help users grasp the how to use the macro; it is also listed on the Gallery if shared there.




3: Tool Version helps to differentiate between iterations of the same macro, it will also push version updates to the Gallery if re-posted, updating the version numbed listed there.




4: Category Name will override the macro’s default to appear in your macro directory for another – in this example the macro will be found next to the other Designer Address Tools.




5: Any search tags listed here will be matched keywords when searching in the Designer or Gallery for the macro.




6: Any author information provided is also listed in the Gallery if the macro is posted; it also may help when sharing.







If you’re sharing your macro, be sure to also include any tool assets that are used (including nested macro files) by attaching them to their associated tool!