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Licensing Series Part 4 - License Errors

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Created on

Welcome to Part 4 of the License Series. While we hope you never have to visit this page, we know that each unique environment can cause issue with installing any software and want you to be able to quickly resolve the license issue. Below are some common errors we see with users attempting to activate a license.




11.8 and newer License FAQ - Licensing-FAQ-Alteryx-11-8 


11.7 and older licensing information below



If you are experiencing issues please make sure that you followed the steps in each of the Licensing Series articles:

Part - 1 Welcome to Alteryx

Part - 2 License Install

Part - 3 Managing License


After reviewing this page if the resolution does not resolve your problem or you don't see the error in this article, please email for assistance.


“Exceeded number of Seats"

Reason: This means that the number of license seats purchased is at its max.


Resolution: Verify with your license owner if an existing license can be reallocated, if that is not possible, you may purchase more seats by contacting your Account Representative or Sales at


 “The license on this computer is currently in use on another computer. Would you like to move it to this computer?”












Reason: Alteryx has recognized that the license attempting to be activated has been already been activated by the same user on another machine. If your intention is to move the license to another machine, you can go ahead and click OK.


Resolution: As stated in the beginning of this series, only one user email address can be assigned to a license key. So if a user wanted to have Alteryx deployed on multiple machines, they would need to use a different email address on both machines. FYI – every time an email is associated to a license, a seat will be used.


“Internet connection is required”


Connection Required.png







Reason: Alteryx licenses require an internet connection to reach our licensing system to setup your license key account. If you do not have internet access you will need license files. If you do have internet access and receive this message, then either your ports that we need access to are not open or you may need to whitelist the webpages listed as a requirement (see Part 1). This is also may be due to a proxy setting that will need to be adjusted to allow Alteryx to work with our licensing system.


Resolution: Check ports, whitelist of webpages, proxy settings or manual authentication if you know you are supposed to be offline.


“The remote server returned an error (401). Unauthorized”


Reason: This may be an Admin error.


Resolution: Check permissions.


“Alteryx is unable to contact the internet. You will need to be online in order to license Alteryx.”


Reason: Alteryx license require an internet connection to connect to our licensing system to setup your license key account. If you do not have internet access you will need license keys. If you do have internet access and receive this message, than either your ports that we need access to are not open or you may need to white list the webpages listed as a requirement. This is also may be due to a proxy setting that will need to be adjusted to allow Alteryx to work with our licensing system.


Resolution: Check ports, whitelist of webpages, proxy settings or manual authentication if you know you are supposed to be offline.


“You must be licensed for a server install. Select OK to install a new license or cancel to exit.”












Reason: You have installed the Server version of Alteryx and your license does not have access to the Server version.


Resolution: If you did not purchase a Server license you will need to install the Designer version. If you did purchase Server, please reach out to your Account Representative to have the information updated.


“There was an Error in HttpSendRequest: The HTTP redirect request must be confirmed by the user”














Reason: Firewall Issue.


Resolution: The firewall will need to be opened to allow Alteryx access to its License Manager or license files will need to be used.


“Invalid JSON primitive”




Reason: This is a permission issue.


Resolution: Activate with admin rights.


"This license is not valid for a Server Operating System"


Server Error.jpg


Reason: The license you are attempting to activate is not a Server License.


Resolution: Contact Fulfillment at to have them send you an Alteryx Server License.


Hello, I installed the free Alteryx Design Admin 11.5.1, open the License Management, I got this message " It appears that you do not have Administrator or Power User privilege....". I'm administrator of my laptop. Please help. Thanks 

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@choang4 please right click on the Alteryx icon and run as administrator.  If that does not work, please try installing the individual installer of alteryx from here.


Perfect, it works. Thanks

Hello we are currently facing Invalid JSON Primitive error. Tried running with Admin privileges, does not work. Kindly help

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@RajeshKamarsu please contact Alteryx Fulfillment team to resolve this issue.



Hello @DanM,


Has this been tested for server license.


I am the license administrator for our servers and when I try to go to the download page. I get an error license key cannot be found.

download for server license isn't working.png

For reference the keys are valid and I have plenty of seats left open


license keys.png



@levell_x_dunn The key you are entering is the old key from our legacy system.  Were you provided with the new key to enter?  I 




 Hi @KylorI,


I haven't received them yet so it looks like I jumped the gun, since they won't be available for existing users until February 13th/27th.


Only downfall is that existing users cannot access the download tool for any Alteryx products( desktop, server, data, etc..) until then.


That doesn't give us existing users any safety net if we need to reinstall something from Alteryx or if a new user with an existing key wants to download Alteryx.


Is there a workaround or am I missing something?


@levell_x_dunn we contacted online chat support and they gave us a link to drop box


@levell_x_dunn  Please contact and they will send you a download link for 11.7


I have a different error than any of the ones identified above.  I have been using a trial version of Alteryx while I was waiting on my license key.  I received the license key but I have been unsuccessful in activating it.  


When I enter my license key in Alteryx 11.8.3, I receive an error "Your computer is unable to access the activation service."  I tried this opening Alteryx in normal mode, and then running as an administrator with the same result.  I then tried the offline method, and I was able to generate my request file, but when I attempt to upload it through the portal, I receive another error, "You do not have the required permission to perform this operation [Incident# 6834-293617R]".  I have sent an email to, but I have received no response yet.


Any suggestions?


@SDeMarco I sent you a DM regarding the case you have open with Fulfillment.



How do I solve the problem below?


Sem título.png

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@renanpinheiro In order to use the key you have, you must install Alteryx version 11.8 or higher. If you are installing one of these versions, please reach out to the fulfillment team mentioned in the message in the window.

How can I change the email?

I don´t have the option.


Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



You will need to contact our Fulfillment team at to change your email for your license. Once the license is activated with an email, that license cannot be changed. This is to protect clients and Alteryx from abuse of a license seat.

Thanks for the answer.

Hi everyone,

I am moving my alteryx version to 11.8 and when i enter my licence key,  it appears the following error : "There are not available seat for  this key licencse". it makes familiar this error for anyone?

Could anyone tell me what does this mean?


thank you very much

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



Alteryx version 11.8 includes new licensing. Your License Administrator should have received new license keys. If you are using your original license, it will not work on 11.8. If you have received your new license and you are getting this error, then more than likely the license has been administered to more users than the license has seats. Again you will want to speak with your License Administrator.

If you have any other issues with your license, please contact 


Good afternoon I've installed the new server and have distributed the license key to the end user along with software. He is receiving unrecognized license key. I as able to install on a test windows box without issues.What needs to be done to activate the user? I have 20 seats available.


Hi @GaryI  can you send me a dm with the license key and and the user that is having trouble activating?



@Kylorl Sent you a DM. Thanks



   How many machines can I install Alteryx on for one license? On the third and final machine I regularly use I get this (not very illuminating) error message when I try and move my license to the machine (I swap between my other two machines without a problem).

Many thanks






You can only use 1 license key per machine. The error you are seeing is that you were unable to transfer the license key to the new machine. Usually, this is because the originally licensed machine is unable to access the licensing server to release your key.
I would recommend reaching out to in order to have the original machine release the license in use.


Please be aware, licenses are only meant to be used on 1 machine at a time unless the license key has additional seats. The number of machines that can be activated with a license key at a time is based on that seat count.

If your license key has 1 seat, this is only supposed to be used on 1 machine, and only 1 machine can access this key at a time.
If the license has multiple seats, the number of machines that can activate will match that seat count as well, and never more unless one of the seats is released.


I hope this helps!


Hi @Trevor S 

Many thanks - yes I only need it on one machine at a time, but it wont transfer over to my laptop, even though its happy to switch between desktop and my AWS Workspace. I will email and see what is up.