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Licensing Series Part 3 - Managing Your License

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Created on

Welcome to Part 3 of the License Series. In this article, you will learn the License Owner relationship to the End User, managing licenses, license renewal, moving licenses, and archiving licenses. 




11.8 and newer License FAQ - Licensing-FAQ-Alteryx-11-8 


11.7 and older licensing information below



If you are new to Alteryx and have not read Part 1 and 2, please read them first:

License Series Part 1 - Welcome to Alteryx

License Series Part 2 - License Install

License Series Part 4 - License Errors


License Owner (LO) – a license owner is the administrator assigned to a particular license.


The License Owner will receive and distribute license keys to end users and manage end user’s access to the software. Managing end user activations may be done via the Alteryx Gallery.


License Owner Responsibilities:

   1) Manage licenses on Alteryx Gallery

   2) Distribute licenses

   3) Remove users from License


License Management:

With v10.1+, License Owners can now manage their license keys and the users tied to them through the Alteryx Analytics Gallery ( If you are the License Owner please create a sign in credentials.


Note: If you are using License Files this option will not work for you, as Alteryx has no way to communicate with your systems. The managing of files will need to be managed on the License Owner end.


To access your licenses in the Alteryx Gallery, follow the steps below:

1) Open a browser and go to

2) Sign in to your account, or create one if you are a new user

3) Click on the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner:


4) Click on the Designer Licenses tab:



User view:

User View.png


License Owner View


From here you will see the licenses that you are listed as the License Owner for and you will be able to see/edit the license users from this screen:


User Information:                                                                                     Expiration Date:

User Information.jpg

Expiration date.jpg


Seats used/total available:                                                                        Delete User from License - once the user is deleted, the license seat will be open to reuse:

Seats used.jpg




Download License:















License Renewal:

In most cases, your company has purchased licenses that are good for one year. At the end of the year, and after the contract has been renewed, you will receive a new license key. We recommend installing over the currently existing key, not deleting and installing the new one. We recommend archiving each key.


When your license is coming up for renewal you may receive this alert - License is about to expire: Contact License owner or Account Executive


Archiving License Managers and Keys:

Your License Files will be saved in this location - C:\ProgramData\SRC\LicenseManager. We recommend archiving these files when you have purchased data that would include more that the basic Core Data bundle or other unique setups of our license and data. To archive, please create a new folder in the License Manager folder and move your licenses to that new folder. The License Manager will then use the new license key that will be moved to the License Manager folder once the new key is activated.


Moving a License: 

In v10.1+ the transfer of a license from one machine to another has also been made easier from the Designer, but will not support concurrent use of a license. A few common scenarios for this is when a user's machine fails or gets replaced and they need to activate Alteryx on their new machine or when a user leaves the company or changes roles.


To move a license manually (any supported Designer version) from one computer to another, just follow these steps:


1. On the machine where the license is currently installed, Open the Tools >> Manage Licenses menu:


Manage Licenses.png


2. Use the "(-) Delete License" option in the License Manager with the license intended for removal highlighted:


Delete Licenses.png


3. Then simply select the "(+) Install License" option in the License Manager of the computer you'd like to move the license to, entering the key upon being prompted.


Additionally, with v10.1+, you can expedite the transfer by just entering a license key and email associated - the user will see a pop-up similar to what is shown below:


Move license.png


Clicking yes will then transfer the license onto the new machine, voiding the seat it was previously holding on the other computer and successfully licensing the machine being used.


 Note: For all of the above features, users must be on v10.1+. When transferring a license, the message will only appear if the old machine also had v10.1+ installed. Previous versions do not have these licensing capabilities. 


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The interface for managing licenses on Desktop seems to be different now in 2019.1.X, is there an updated version of this KB?