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Licensing Series Part 1 - Welcome to Alteryx

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Created on

Welcome to the Alteryx Licensing Series where you can learn all you need to get started with Alteryx. In the articles below you will learn how to install, manage, and handle errors with your Alteryx License. We love Alteryx and we hope you do too! Please read through the information below and subsequent instructional articles carefully.





11.8 and newer License FAQ - Licensing-FAQ-Alteryx-11-8 



If you learn anything from this information, keep your license key or file in a place where you can find it. 


If you have not installed Alteryx or are looking to find the newest version please click on the link -


Technical specifications along with supported Data Sources can be found here:


Licensing issues or questions please email:


License agreement: See attachment


License Key Activation needs:

In order to use license keys, a few system security setups will need to be available for Alteryx to talk to our licensing system. Here is a list of what you need:

1. Open Port 80 and 443

2. White List:

3. The license server is "" which is an alias for and resolves to multiple IP addresses associated with an Elastic Load Balancer at Amazon Web Services. AWS ELBs can and will change IP addresses over time, so if you are statically whitelisting IP addresses on a firewall which otherwise denies access to tcp/80 and tcp/443, your end-users will eventually lose connectivity to our license server as your static whitelist obsolesces. The solution is to enable a process which will periodically update or re-implement your whitelist based on the results of a fresh DNS lookup of “”  

4. Using a proxy server? Make sure that Alteryx has access to that server. If you are using scripts on your proxy server, you will not be able to use license keys and will have to use license files


If you need Alteryx on a Server OS, Virtual Machine, or if you are at the end of your contract please contact your Account Representative for installation options. 


Now that you have read through how you can setup your machine to install your license. Please move on to the next article:

License Series Part 2 - License Install

License Series Part 3 - Managing Your License

License Series Part 4 - License Errors