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License Management Features for 10.1


With 10.1, License owners can now manage their license keys and the users tied to them through the Alteryx Analytics Gallery


To access your licenses, follow the steps below:

1) Open a browser and go to

2) Sign in to your account, or create one if you are a new user

3) Click on the Cog icon in the top right hand corner:


4) Click on the Designer Licenses tab:



From here you will see the licenses that you are the listed as the Owner for and you will be see/edit the license users from this screen:


User Information:                                                                                     Expiration Date:

UserInfo.jpg             ExpirationDate.jpg


Seats used/total available:                                                                        Delete User from License:

Seats.jpg         DeleteUser.jpg


Download License:



The new features in 10.1 also make the transfer of a license from one machine to another easier. A common scenario for this is when a user's machine fails or gets replaced and they need to activate Alteryx on their new machine. With 10.1 all you need to do is enter the license key and email associated and the user will see a pop up similar to what is shown below:



Clicking yes will transfer the license onto the new machine, without having to contact Customer Support or Fulfillment for assistance saving you time.



Note: For all of the above features, users must be on 10.1. When transferring the license, message will only appear if old machine had 10.1 installed. Previous versions do not have these licensing capabilities.