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Keyboard Shortcuts in Alteryx

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Note: This article is out of date. CLICK HERE for up-to-date, single source help on magnification, mouse keys, mouse, and keyboard shortcuts in the Alteryx Designer product.

There are many different keyboard shortcuts to help you in your task of building modules in Alteryx.  As in most software packages, the standard set of keyboard functions native to the Windows operating system also apply to Alteryx.


Handy shortcuts specific to Alteryx:

Ctrl + Alt + B : Show/Hide Toolbar
Ctrl + Alt + T : 
Show/Hide Toolbox
Ctrl + Alt + V : 
Show/Hide Overview
Ctrl + Alt + R : 
Show/Hide Results Window
Ctrl + Alt + C : 
Show/Hide Configuration Window

Ctrl + Alt + D : Show/Hide Interface Designer
Ctrl + Shift + B :
Add all Browses after selected tools
Ctrl + R : 
Run Workflow
F5 : 
Refresh Configuration
Ctrl + Shift + - : 
Align selected tools horizontally
Ctrl + Shift + + : 
Align selected tools vertically
Ctrl + Arrow Key : 
Nudge tool by one pixel

The full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here.


Canvas Navigation was updated in Alteryx Version 10.1. Check out the blog posted here.

Standard Shortcuts

Ctrl + N : Open a new workflow
Ctrl + O :
Open an existing workflow
Ctrl + Z :
Ctrl + Y : 
Ctrl + F : 
Find Tool (this allows you to find tools in your workflow by name or number)
Ctrl + X : 
Cut selected (in the canvas this will cut the selected tools, text will be cut if the text is selected inside the tool's configuration window)
Ctrl + C : 
Copy selected tools (in the canvas this will copy the selected tools, text will be copied if the text is selected inside the tool's configuration window.  Also, you can select specific rows from a browse tool and copy those rows using this command)
Ctrl + V : 
Paste tools (if rows have been copied from a Browse tool this command will create a Text Input on the canvas of copied rows from the clipboard)
Ctrl + A : 
Selects all tools in the workflow
Ctrl + S :
Save your module (SaveAs if this is the first time the module is being saved)
F1 :
This single button will bring up the help file specific to the tool you have selected on the canvas, otherwise it pulls up the generic help window.
Ctrl + Tab : Switch between open workflows (if you have more than one workflow open in a single session of Alteryx)


Other commands and Handy Shortcuts:

Right Click and Drag : Inside a select tool, or any tool with  "Select" functionality, you can select a field, or group of fields, and right click and drag those fields to a new destination in the field structure.  This eliminates needing to click the Up/Down arrows to reorder fields.
Hold down the mouse wheel : Pan the canvas
Space Bar + Left mouse click : 
Pan the canvas
Shift + mouse wheel :
 Scroll canvas horizontally
Ctrl + roll mouse wheel :
Zoom the Canvas
Ctrl + Arrow Key : 
Nudge tool by one pixel
Splash Screen : 
To remove the splash screen while the program loads simply click on the image
Open one or more files : 
Drag files from Windows Explorer directly to the canvas. Workflow files (*.yxmd, *.yxwz, *.yxmc) will open directly in a new tab on the module canvas. Data files will be represented by a configured Input Tool for each data file on the active workflow.

10 - Fireball

Is there a way to remap these keyboard shortcuts?  Or, what I really want, make Ctrl-Enter run/stop a module?  Ctrl-Enter seems pretty ubiquitous as a run command in many tools. 

6 - Meteoroid

Is there any keyboard-shortcut to distribute selected tools vertically/horizontally. A feature introduced in Version 2018.2.