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Installing Admin vs. Non-Admin

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


What's the difference between Admin and Non-Admin installs of Alteryx?


The below largely borrows from the Alteryx Designer Admin/Non-Admin Install Guide, which can be downloaded from the Documentation page.


admin v non admin installs.PNG

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Quick Note:  Documentation referenced here indicates that IT Departments should generally install Admin to users, which will, among other things, allow new named version installs to overwrite older ones, so that user don't end up with both old and new application versions.

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How does one determine if he has Admin or Non-Admin installs of Alteryx on his machine?






Hi @JohnBell.


Admin version, per default, gets installed in the C:\Program Files\Alteryx directory while Non-Admin version installs in the user directory C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Alteryx. There is also a visual cue, the non-admin version has the word User as part of the program name. Another difference you will notice is that the non-Admin version doesn't have the System Settings option (under Options > Advanced Settings)




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Perfect!  Thank you Margarita...

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Hi @AlexKo,


Thanks for summarizing the differences between the Admin and Non-Admin versions of Alteryx Designer.


I encountered an issue with the installation of an R package for use within Alteryx. I am currently working with the Admin version of 2018.2 Alteryx and I was hoping to alter the path where R and R-packages for Predictive Tools get installed when the 2nd executable for RInstaller is in the process of getting installed. 


I want to alter the path for the installation of R and R packages since the default directory requires admin rights for installation of additional R packages for extending Alteryx's capabilities. Do you think the directory for installation of R and R-packages can be changed while the RPredictive Installer is in the process of getting installed?




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Hi @AlexKo,


I just wanted to know if Admin version of alteryx can control activities on a set of designer licences, like addition or deletion of licenses. Or is Server the only way to perform such activities on a couple of licenses.


This could help if you reply little quickly.


Thanks in advance,



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @anushaa,


The Admin version of Alteryx by itself does not have the functionality to manage a set of Designer licenses, and neither does the Server. Since the release of version 2018.1, all license management is now done from the Downloads & Licenses portal online.


For information on what you can do there, check out our help documentation at License Administrator Topics and this Youtube video: 2018.1 Licensing for License Administrators.


If you have more questions, please let us know at Customer Support and one of our engineers would be happy to help.




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Would I be able to install Alteryx on One Drive and would it be fully functional?

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