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Install (or Upgrade) Designer + Scheduler


Alteryx Designer + Scheduler includes:

  • An Alteryx Designer instance.
  • Alteryx Scheduler, which allows the scheduling of regular (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) jobs for reporting or automation via Alteryx workflows.
  • A SQLite database (or User-Managed MongoDB if you wish to set that up) that stores the files and data used by the Scheduler.
  • Support for running Alteryx workflows from the command line (Intro to the Server command line).


Are you upgrading? Please make sure to back up your SQLite database first!

As SQLite is a single file database, back up is easy! Simply copy/zip the Persistence folder found at %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx\Service\Persistence.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the latest version from the Downloads page.

Important note: you must install the Admin version and have appropriate admin rights to install and run the Designer + Scheduler.




2. Run the installer with admin rights (Right Click > Run as Administrator)





  1. Follow the wizard through the installation process, and select 'Run Designer Now' on the last screen.
  2. If not yet licensed, the wizard will prompt you for a License Key.



If this screen does not immediately load, it can always be reached from within the Designer.


Once completing these steps, you should be all set to start building workflows and scheduling them from within the Designer. No additional configuration should be necessary if you are running a standard installation.* If you are unable to schedule, please ensure that the Alteryx Service is running.


* By default, Alteryx Designer + Scheduler uses a SQLite database. You also have the option to run a User-managed Mongo database, which you can select in the System Settings, which can be accessed from within the Alteryx Designer (Options > Advanced Options > System Settings). Please note, the standard MongoDB (aka embeded MongoDB) cannot be used with Designer + Scheduler and will prevent the Alteryx Service from starting if it is selected.


As always, don't hesitate to contact us over at Customer Support if you run into any trouble.

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Hi Sophia/Community,


I'm having trouble installing Alteryx Designer + Scheduler from the new download page.  I see Alteryx Designer and Predictive Tools, but not Designer + Scheduler.  When I run the admin Designer installer as administrator, I'm not presented with the option to install the Scheduler.  I'm using AlteryxInstallx64_11.0.6.28907.exe on a Windows 7 machine.  Since I already had a non-scheduler version installed, I'm uninstalling before running the installer again.


What am I missing?


EDIT: Solved it, it was an issue with my license.  Apparently posting was my impetus to look one step deeper.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



When you install Designer it comes with the Scheduler built in. As long as your license gives you access to the Scheduler you will have the Scheduler. If you go to Options/System Settings, it should allow you to choose Designer+Automation in the settings to setup your Scheduler. You can then go to Options in Designer and then select View Schedules or Scheduler Workflow.

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Hi SophiaF,


we are looking at desktop scheduling that comes with Designer. Would like to ask when the desktop with auto scheduling is running, can user still work on designer? or designer may be hanged/lagged for a while while the workflow is processing?


Thank you.




Hi @yeongjeewei,


The scheduler is very similar to clicking the "run" button in Alteryx Designer, in very basic terms. In the situation you've described above, you could think of this like running one workflow on one tab of Designer in the background while running an extra workflow at the same time. Scheduler of course will disable some items like Browse Anywhere and Browse tools (since they wouldn't be very useful as you wouldn't be able to see them), so it may provide some optimizations in how the workflow runs, but it will still use resources on the machine to process data just as a normal workflow run would. As in most situations when we get into talking about available and used resources, the main answer is "it depends", as if you have very heavy workflow(s) that are using a lot of CPU/RAM running in the background, this could significantly impact the operation of other programs on the same machine.


One thing you can do in this situation is set the Engine process to run at a lower priority, which can be found within the Alteryx System Settings configuration on the Engine -> General tab.





6 - Meteoroid

I have a license for Designer, but my option to select "Designer and Scheduler Only" in system settings is grayed out. What am I missing?


Hi @rachcamp7 


Since you only have a license for Designer that is probably your issue.  You will need a Desktop Automation License (Designer + Scheduler) license in order to have this option available from your System setup type.

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Hi there,

I have Designer Downloaded but not the Automation. How do I download the Automation part itself?

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As mentioned earlier in this post, automation is just part of the Designer download. 

All you need to do is apply the license that you have for Designer+Automation and then you can configure the Automation by going to Options/System Settings, it should allow you to choose Designer+Automation in the settings to setup your Scheduler.

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Hi I cannot for the life of me download Alteryx designer. I have followed all the steps in this thread all I get is this download page, I have tried to sign-up by filling in the required fields and then submitting. The page just refreshes and goes back to the required fields being displayed. Is the setup wizard/installer being downloaded somewhere on my system or what?Alteryx_download_page3.pngAlteryx_download_page2.pngAlteryx_download_page1.png

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Hi Everyone

Can someone just clarify there that there is an additional license fee for the Schedule option? I thought this was included in Designer which was a huge purchase for my dept. Thanks so much for any help!


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Irene that is correct. To my knowledge you need either Alteryx Server or Alteryx Automation (scheduler).

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Hi All, 


We are planning for Alteryx Designer + scheduler for 5 Techy users and we want to schedule 100+ daily scheduling jobs. 


Could you please suggest whether we need to go with Server or Designer + Scheduler is enough for scheduling daily jobs.




7 - Meteor

I personally prefer having the Server vs the scheduler, seems to be more robust and reliable.

We use Alteryx Designer to create workflows and the save them on Alteryx server. The server will pretty much just run your jobs for you. We do have IT that help monitor performance of the server.

Hope that helps!

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I agree.

Thanks Raphael, my client don't have project dollar bandwidth for this project (Pandemic cost cuts). So, trying for a cost-saving option with Designer + Scheduler, what would you suggest.

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100+ daily jobs seems like a lot. Perhaps you can work with your client on consolidating workflows?

It is really tough to say, because a lot of the performance depends on the data volume as well.


If you go the route of scheduler (maybe you trial it first for week or month?), then I would recommend setting up a separate local machine (laptop or pc). This machine would solely be running your jobs. This machine would need designer + scheduler installed.


You may want to consult with your local Alteryx account manager or Alteryx Sales Rep, they can set up a call with their technical support to find the best solution for you. 

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Thanks Raphael