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Install Alteryx for Mac

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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As Alteryx runs on Windows, there are two ways to install Alteryx on a Mac:

1)      Use Boot Camp.
2)      Use a virtual machine product (emulates Windows within macOS) like VMWare, VirtualBox (open source), or Parallels, among others.


Note that any of the above solutions require a Windows license. This article goes through the pros and cons of the different approaches, as well as detailed installation instructions. Your IT department may have a preferred approach.


Once you have Boot Camp or a Windows VM up and running, you're ready to install Alteryx. Just remember: whether you choose a VM or Boot Camp, make sure you're in the Windows environment when you download and install Alteryx.


Hi @ChadM, I just noticed that your link to VMware is broken -- can you update when you have a second?  Thanks in advance!


I have a Macbook Pro that is on iOS 10.11.6 and all virtual machines listed say the computer is not compatible with suggested downloads. Do you know how I am able to download a compatible virtual machine?