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Inspire 2016: Tips & Tricks


A BIG THANKS to all of you who attended our Tips and Tricks sessions at Inspire.


There is nothing more gratifying to us, in Customer Support, than showing you a tip or trick that would save you time and make your workflows more efficient. Along the same lines, we love learning the tips & tricks you have developed. Our sessions at Inspire aimed to bring these two together and we believe mission was accomplished, THANK YOU!!!


Enclosed you will find the 2016 Tips & Tricks booklet. If you have a tip & trick you would like us to include in next year’s Tip & Tricks, post it here, we’ll give you full credit 🙂


Margarita, Henriette & Andrew

Customer Support Engineering

8 - Asteroid

When I click to open the PDF, I only get a loading animation.




Hello @JORGE4900,


I will send this to you in an email.  Sorry you are having trouble accessing.



9 - Comet

what about other content from Inspire 2016? Thanks! 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @davidhenington


You can access much of the information from Inspire on our main webpage: