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In-database - "Unable to find connection 'x' " when workflow is scheduled

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"Unable to find connection 'x' " when workflow is scheduled


When running a workflow via the Scheduler (for Designer with Automation), the following error is observed:


Unable to find connection "x"




  • Alteryx Designer
    • Designer with Automation
  • Windows Operating System
  • In-Database Connection




1. Confirm that you are using Designer with Automation and not Alteryx Server. You can confirm this by opening the Alteryx System Settings from Designer under Options > Advanced Options > System Settings. On the Setup Type page you will see Designer and Scheduler Only selected.


designer plus scheduler setup type system settings.png
2. Confirm the In-Database connection is setup as a User connection. You can check this from Designer by navigating to Options > Advanced Options > Manage In-DB Connections and choosing the Data Source and Connection name you are using. It will show next to the name of the Connection:


user indb connection.png


Alternatively, you can check in the drop-down for the Connection Name Connect In-DB tool or the Data Stream In tool:


connect INDB connections.png





The In-Database connection in use is a User connection; scheduling requires a System connection or a File connection.



Solution A - System Connection


  1. Follow the steps in this article to set up a System connection: How To: Create an In-Database Connection
    1. This will require admin permissions. Please see the following article for more information: Unable to create System Connection/System Connection type missing


Solution B-  File Connection


  1. Follow the steps in this article to set up a File connection: How To: Create an Alteryx In-DB Connection File
  2. The .indbc file will need to be available to the Run As User or the user running the Alteryx Service. To avoid any issues, you can package the workflow, then schedule as follows:
    1. Package the workflow by going to Options > Export Workflow, making sure you check the box to include the .indbc file
    2. Go to Options > View Schedules
    3. On the Workflows tab, click the + icon
    4. add workflow to schedule.png
    5. Navigate to the .yxzp file you created above and set the schedule frequency



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