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Image Face Recognition Using Microsoft Cognitive Services API - Part 2


For those of you who attended the EMEA Alteryx Inspire 2017 Event in Tobacco Docks this year you may have caught the Product Keynote which included the integration of the Microsoft FACE API to detect facial attributes, and then compare these against Bond Villains. 


The API itself has many functionalities  however the cornerstone remains the 'Detect' function which is very clearly explained by a previous post from @bobpeers.


Once you have ran these images through the 'Detect' function you will get a FaceID. This will allow you to then integrate with Find Similar, Group, Identify, Verify & Face List functionality, which I aim to show today.


Step 1

Please see @bobpeers article and attached workflow. I have also attached a v11.3 example 'Detect' Workflow.

You will use the output from this workflow as an input for the Load Face List and Find Similar workflows


Step 2

Create a Face List

You need to create a Face List so images can be stored and then compared with the images you run against them using the Find similar API

All you need for this is to replace the 'XXXX' in the attached workflow with the name of the Face List


Step 3

Upload Images to the Face List

Within this workflow you will need to replace the 'XXXX' for the name of your Face List you created above

You will also need to use the output from the Detect workflow as an input

I have also included the workflow which will allow you to return all the images within a Face List after the fact


Step 4

Images now will exists within the Face List so you can now use the Find Similar API.

Use the output from the Detect Workflow as an input

In my example I have used a batch macro (attached so you will have to add this back into this workflow) so you can feed a list of images and it will compare that one image against all which exist within the Face List

You will have to select the FaceID & Name field for your images within the macro configuration

You also need to type the name of your face list and select the Number of return candidate and which match mode

Finally, add in your subscription key to authenticate the request


Step 5

You should now have the confidence returned of all your images versus those stored within the Face List


I have attached all of the workflows to this article so you can have a go with your own images. 

Documentation is included within all of them so you can navigate around and replace what you need too for your use case.