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How to troubleshoot Python tool - 404 Not Found error


How to Troubleshoot 404 Not Found error in Python tool

By default, opening a workflow containing a Python tool creates a Jupyter Notebook document containing the actual Python code in the temporary directory. If the Jupyter Notebook document is not created for some reason, the Python tool displays the "404: Not Found" error. This article provides general steps on what to check if this error happens.



  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version: All



1. Check if the Disable Auto Config option in User Settings > Advanced is checked/selected.


If this option is checked/selected, uncheck/unselect this and restart Designer.

If this option is selected for performance purposes, then in order to load the Jupyter Notebook document, please run the workflow first before accessing the tool.

2. Check the full file path of the workflow location.

Does the path contain an ampersand (&)? If you are on Designer version < 2021.4, there is a known issue with using an ampersand (&) in the file path. Details can be found here.

3. Is the Python tool used after a Detour tool?

If the Python tool is used after a Detour tool where it is not in the default path, accessing the Python tool will result in a 404 error. Please refer to this article for details.

4. Is the Python tool in a disabled container?

If the Python tool is in a disabled container, you will need to first enable the container and run the workflow once before accessing the Python tool.

5. Is Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP) engine used?

If you are using Designer version 2021.2 and use the AMP engine for the workflow, there is a known issue with using this engine in this release. Please refer to this article for details.

If you have checked the above and they do not relate to your issue, please contact Ateryx Support for further assistance.