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How to set up Salesforce ODBC connection


How to setup ODBC connection with Salesforce

Driver installation

Obtain and install driver:
  • If non-admin – Reach out to your license admin to obtain/install the Simba Salesforce Driver
  • If an admin
    1.  Go to and log in via your Alteryx SSO account
    2.  In the left menu, navigate to Drivers and download the Salesforce driver installer

Set up ODBC connection DSN connection
  1. Add Input tool to canvas
  2. Click “Connect a File or Database” dropdown of tool and select Data sources
  3. On the bottom right menu, click “ODBC” under “Generic connection”
  1. On the ODBC connection pop-up, access the ODBC Admin at the bottom left of the pane. This will open up a new window outside of Designerimage.png
  1. Go to the User DSN tab and click Add on the right
    • if multiple users will use the machine and SF connection or you are configuring the connection within an Alteryx Server environment, go to System DSN instead.
  2. Select the "Simba Salesforce ODBC Driver" you installed previously and click Finish.
  3. Provide a data source name of your choosing and enter in your security token (leave username and password blank as this will be entered in Designer) and check the "Save Security Token" box in order to utilize the token with Designer.
  1. Click Ok and restart Designer. Navigate back to the Generic ODBC connection menu and select the new DSN you just created and enter your username and password to connect
DSN-less connection

You can also utilize a DSN-less connection string if preferred directly in the Input tool. Below is an example template (replacing anything with curly brackets with your respective information):

odbc:Driver=Simba Salesforce ODBC Driver; UID={email}; PWD={password}; SecurityToken={security token}; ApiVersion=47.0

You’ll also notice that the DSN-less connection will allow you to specific a particular API version.

Unsupported features

Salesforce reports within the Visual Query Builder. Stored procedures would be the equivalent of Reports within Salesforce and stored procedures are not supported within the Visual Query Builder for the Salesforce Driver

OAuth. While OAuth is supported with the driver itself, it is currently not supported within the Alteryx software

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