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How to install the Microsoft R Client Predictive Tools


How to install the Microsoft R Client Predictive Tools


Most people using Designer will only install the Alteryx Predictive Tools. These tools do not need additional software other than Designer. The Microsoft R Client Predictive Tools require a separate Microsoft R Client installation.




An account with Windows Administrator privileges on the workstation for the installation

Admin version of Designer


See the link below for the Alteryx Designer Predictive Tools Compatibility Policy. 


Predictive Tools Compatibility Policy 


Please complete the installation using the sequence listed below. When a different order of installation occurs, there may be errors such as Microsoft R Client was not found on this computer and is required for this install.


Admin privileges are required to install Microsoft R Client Predictive Tools, as some Windows components and drivers are part of the installation. These tools must be used with the Admin version of Designer. 




  1. Go to In the Product Downloads List, select the version of Designer or Server that will be used with the Predictive Tools.


  1. Download and install Alteryx Designer or Server first.  


  1. In the Designer Product Download List at, choose the Alteryx Predictive tools that match the Designer version, and install these tools.


  1. Next, the Microsoft R Client should be downloaded and installed. Download files and a compatibility chart for the correct version to use are available at Microsoft Machine Learning Server R Client.


  1. The last software to install is in the first Other Predictive Tools section of the Designer downloads page, the Microsoft R Client Predictive Tools (MRCInstaller).


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