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How to enable installation logs for Python-based tools

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Sometimes, to analyze and troubleshoot installation issues for Python based tools, you may need more information than the messages populated in the tool installer window.


Fortunately, as pip is used in the background during installation, there are two complementary options are available :


  • set the output to verbose
  • save the trace in a file


These parameters can be set up through a configuration file: pip.ini


For reference:




1. Choose a root folder:

%PROGRAMDATA% for all users on the machine

%APPDATA% for current user


2. Create a folder named pip (example: C:\ProgramData\pip or C:\users\me\AppData\Roaming\pip)


3. In pip folder, create a file called pip.ini


4. Edit pip.ini with the following:


verbose = yes
log = C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Engine\pip_log.txt



[global] is case sensitive

verbose specifies that output should contain more details. 

log is the path of the file that will contain all the messages generated by pip


An example of the resulting file:




5. Install your YXI file as usual


6. [optional but recommended] Rename pip.ini to pip.ini.old when you are done!


To keep in mind:

  • previous steps will enable logs globally - except for Python tool and any Python environments. As a result, messages displayed in Alteryx Designer during the installation process will be more verbose too.
  • logs always add to the file. If multiple installations occur sequentially, they will all be saved in the same file. The log file is not purged or deleted automatically.
  • Verbose and logs may significantly extend installation time.
  • pip logs should be stored on a local drive.


Best practice:

Only enable logs for support/debugging purpose!


Great post @PaulN, great Tips for troubleshooting!