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How to disable the AMP Engine in Designer


How to disable the APM Engine. There are multiple ways to disable the AMP Engine in Alteryx Designer depending on the scope in which you need to disable this feature. The procedures below will help aid in how to disable this feature appropriately.



  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.2+

    Procedure A: How to disable the AMP Engine globally in Designer

    1. Go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings.
    2. On the Defaults tab, locate the Use AMP Engine for all new workflows check box and uncheck it.
    3. Select Save.


    Procedure B: How to disable the AMP Engine per workflow where AMP has already been enabled

    1. Open a workflow.
    2. In the Workflow - Configuration window > Runtime tab.
    3. Locate the option Use AMP Engine and uncheck it.



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    Hi @gtorres8 - we are deploying a new version of Alteryx going from 2021.2 to 2022.1 in my organization and I am in the admin function. 


    We are looking to disable AMP engine globally via a script during product install. What settings would we need to update from an XML perspective that can disable AMP engine during install so that users won't have to manually do this when logging into Alteryx? Can you provide any guidance? 


    We tried the AMP engine but it is giving us quite a few issues with the Block until done results. We have already disabled it on our Server Controller and Server worker but looking to do it globally during install for Designer users to avoid having to guide many users through manually unchecking similar to Procedure A above. 


    Thank you,