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How to Use Alteryx Designer Help

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Everyone needs a little Help now and then. Did you know there are many ways to launch help for Alteryx Designer? Help comes in many flavors and versions.


Help is available for each version of Alteryx Designer - that means when you are creating a workflow you can get Help for the tools in the version you installed,


Help is even available offline!



Online Help


The most current online help is available at You can also find release notes at


Offline Help


No internet connection? No problem! You can find the offline help in the RuntimeData folder where Alteryx is installed.


Admin version: Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\HtmlAssets\\AlteryxCurrent
Non Admin version: Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\HtmlAssets\


Tool-specific Help


To launch the help page for a specific tool, select the tool on the canvas and then press F1.
Alternatively, you can right-click the tool in the toolbar and then select Help.
To view the tooltip for the tool, click the tool in the toolbar.


Help for a specific version of Alteryx Designer


You can find help for any version of Alteryx Designer by inserting the version number in the URL in your browser. For example, to go to Help for version 2018.4, type the following URL:


Additional Resources


  • Language support: Did you know when you visit, you can select your language?
  • Feedback: You can always send feedback about the documentation by emailing us at