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How to Reinstall a Python-based .yxi tool


How to Reinstall a Python-based .yxi tool

In some circumstances, you may need to reinstall a tool. Follow the below steps to re-install a python-based tool using the .yxi installer.


  • Alteryx Designer
    • All versions
  • Tool installer (.yxi file)


  1. Navigate to the tool directory. Tools are installed to one of two directories, depending on how you installed the tool. If you are unsure how the tool was installed, check both directories.
 User tools path%APPDATA%\Alteryx\Tools 
 Admin tools path (Server path)%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Alteryx\Tools 
  1. Locate the tool folder. Take note of the version in the folder name, so you know which specific version you to re-install.
    • Note: Some tools do not include a version in the folder name. 
  2. Rename the tool folder.
    • i.e. Rename "SalesforceInput_v4.1.0" to "SalesforceInput_v4.1.0.old"
  1. Open Designer and re-install the .yxi tool.
  2. Once you confirm the .yxi has been re-installed and you confirm your workflow runs as expected, you can delete the old, renamed folder.



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