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How to: Prevent Email Spoofing with Email Authentication


How To: Prevent email spoofing with email authentication


The new authentication and encryption settings allow IT departments to have much greater control over the email tool. The settings in themselves are a big step towards preventing spoofing, but there is one step that must still be done on the SMTP server itself.




  • Product - Alteryx Designer
    • Version(s) 2019.3+.
  • Additional Tools - SMTP Server




  1. Ensure that you and your Alteryx users are on version 2019.3 or later
  2. Enable the setting in your SMTP server equivalent to: Authentication credentials must match those of the email sender


Common Issues


This will require that any email From addresses be tied to a real account. If someone is doing bulk mailing from a noreply address that does not have a real account, this process will begin to fail.