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How to License Alteryx

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This is a quick guide to get you up and running with Alteryx!


Please note: To license Alteryx versions 11.7 or older, check out the Licensing Series here.
If you’re a current customer, check out the 11.8 Licensing FAQ for more information on what’s changing with Licensing.


If you have other questions about licensing, let us know at!


What do I need to get licensed?

  • Alteryx products require license keys to activate, which are 32-character strings split into dashes, ex. 1a2b-3c4d-56ef-7g89-0h12-jkl3-4m56-n78o
  • Each license key corresponds to a single product, so you may have one key for Alteryx Designer and another license key for an add-on product, like US Data.
  • Each license key has a number of seats available, which corresponds to the number of machines it may be used on. A single user may use multiple seats if they activate the license key on multiple computers.
  • Alteryx will send license keys to a license administrator at your organization, who decides how to distribute these licenses.

How do I license Alteryx?

Licensing Alteryx is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. If you need to download Alteryx, you can find it in the Downloads & Licenses portal at
    • You will need your license key to sign in to the portal.
  2. Install Alteryx on your computer, and open it.
  3. When prompted, type in your email and paste in your license keys.
    • You can input multiple license keys at the same time, one per line, if you have multiple licenses to activate.
    • If you’re already licensed, you can get to this screen in Designer by going to “Options”, “Manage Licenses”, and then “Activate New License”.
  4. That’s it!

What if I’m offline?

If you’re offline, you’ll need to activate Alteryx using license files.

  1. To start the Offline Activation process, open Alteryx and go to Options > Manage Licenses.
  2. Select Activate License to bring up the window below:
  3. If you are on Alteryx between version 11.8 and 2018.1.3, you will need to be offline to see the activate offline option.
  4. Click on the Activate with File button in the bottom left. You will see two options, Create, and Browse.
  5. Click on the “Create” button and paste in your license keys, email, first name and last name. Then, click “Create request” to generate a *.req file and save it on your computer.
  6. Take this file and upload it to, or provide it to your license administrator.
    1. Click “Upload Activation Request” under the Announcements to upload.
  7. Download and save the *.bin file to your computer.
  8. Back in Alteryx, now click on the “Browse” button under “Use an activation file to activate offline”.
    1. If the previous window is still open, you can click “Back” to go back to the activation screen.





Version 2018.1 brings significant changes to the Alteryx platform’s licensing system. As part of our partnership with Flexera Software, the new Downloads and Licenses portal provides Alteryx users with an easily accessible location to download recent product releases and a streamlined process for activating product licenses. Version 2018.1 is the first version in which users will be required to activate license keys that are compatible with our new licensing system. In this video, we will demonstrate how to access the Downloads and Licenses portal to download Alteryx Designer, activate a license, and manage your license in Designer.

Once you have received your new license key from your license administrator, browse to Enter the credentials you use to access the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. Haven’t been to the Gallery before? It’s simple to register and create an account!

After entering your credentials or creating your account, you’ll be directed to the Alteryx Downloads and License portal. The Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal displays information on the most recent releases of Alteryx products, download locations for each product, and announcements, including links to the Release Notes for the most recent version of the software. We’ll choose to download Designer for the most recent version of the software, 2018.1. In the box labeled “Product Downloads”, we’ll click “Alteryx Designer”. On the following page, we’ll choose the download package for the New Version, 2018.1. Select the installer for the product or products you’d like to install. You can choose between admin and non-admin versions of Designer and the Predictive tools, as well as reference map layers. To learn more about each product, click the “plus sign” next to the product name to expand its description. We’ll install the non-admin version of Alteryx Designer. To start the process, we’ll click the executable for this product, which begins the download process.

To install the product, follow the prompts provided by the InstallWizard.

Once you’ve completed the installation process, open Designer. You’ll be asked to activate your license. In the Activation window, enter your email address and the license key you’ve been given. Then, click “Activate”. Now, you’re ready to drag and drop!

As a user, you’re able to easily see the products you’ve installed and the information associated with that product’s license in the Manage Licenses window. Under the “Options” Menu in Designer, we’ll choose to “Manage Licenses”. In this window, we can see our actively licensed products, the license key associated with that product, and the expiration date for that license.

We can manage our licenses using the buttons to activate a new license or deactivate a license. Activating a new license opens an activation window where you can enter your email address and license key for the product you are activating or renewing.

Deactivating a license allows that license key to be transferred to another user or a different machine. Select the product you’d like to deactivate using the check boxes to the left of the listed Products. Then, click “Deactivate License”. Confirm your deactivation by clicking “OK”. Should you need it for future reactivation, copy and paste the key that is displayed in the window. After clicking “Close”, you’ll notice that the deactivated product is no longer listed in the Manage Licenses window.

In the event that you require an offline activation, you’ll need to activate your Alteryx product with an activation file. In this case, you’ll need to create a license request file from the offline machine, which then needs to be uploaded to the Downloads and Licenses portal by your license administrator. Please refer to the Licensing Help Documentation to complete the necessary steps for an offline activation.

If you encounter an issue during your activation process, be sure to contact the Alteryx license administrator for your organization.

What do I need to know if I'm a License Admin?


License admins play an important role in getting their colleagues up and running in Alteryx. All new license keys get sent to the License Admin, who decides how to distribute them in the company.


Here’s how it usually works:

  1. Alteryx sends an email over to the license admin (above) with the license keys and other information.
  2. The license administrator sends the license keys over to Alteryx users at their company, along with a link to, where they can go to download Alteryx software and datasets.

License admins also have access to extra functionality on the Downloads & Licenses portal at!


Can I deploy Alteryx in a silent install?

Absolutely! If you would like to automate the deployment of Alteryx, you can use our command line activation options to install and license Alteryx software in the form of a script or packaged app deployment.


What are the technical requirements?

  1. First, check that you meet the technical specifications for installing and running Alteryx.
  2. Make sure that Port 80 and Port 443 are open.
  3. The System Requirements of the licensing system require access to, so please make sure that your organization's network has not blocked communication to this endpoint. You may still use offline activation even if this endpoint is blocked, but all online activation will be unavailable.






Version 2018.1 brings significant changes to the Alteryx platform’s licensing system. As part of our partnership with Flexera Software, the new Downloads and Licenses portal provides Alteryx users with an easily accessible location to download recent product releases and a streamlined process for activating product licenses. For license administrators, the Downloads and Licensing portal offers the ability to easily view and manage licenses. In this video, we’ll demonstrate a few administrative tasks using the Downloads and Licensing portal.

A new user at our organization has requested a license key for Alteryx Designer. We need to assign her a license key for this product. We’ll log into the Downloads and Licensing portal to see the available keys we have. Once in the portal, we see a few menu options: Licenses, Machines, and Accounts & Users. We’ll click on “Licenses”, then “View Licenses” to see all the licensed products available to us, as well as the associated license keys to those products.

Each available license key is listed alongside its associated product, number of seats, and expiration date. The drop-down menus at the top right of the page allow us to filter this information either by product or by a specific license key. Let’s search one the keys we have been distributing to our associates. In the first drop-down, we’ll select “License Key”. In the second drop-down, we’ll choose “Equals” and paste our license key in the text box. Then we’ll click the magnifying glass icon to filter the data.

After a moment, we see that only this license key has been found. This key licenses the Alteryx Designer, which is exactly what our user needs. We notice that it not only has available seats but also ample time before it expires. Then, we’ll select the license key and copy the key from the License Details screen. We’ll send that to our user so she can activate this key on her desktop.

Let’s learn more about this license key that we’ve just distributed. Who else is using this key? And where is it installed? To find this information, we’ll navigate to the menu labeled “Machines” in the Downloads and License portal. We’ll select “Administer Machines”, which then gives us a list of every machine name with an activated license key. By hovering on the machine name’s associated “License Info”, we can see what product or products are active on that machine.

Let’s narrow this list down by searching the license key we provided to our user. In the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen, we’ll choose “License Key” and paste the key into the text box. We’ll search the data for records associated with this key.

Now, we can see a list of the machine names associated with this license. Hm, it appears we need to do a bit of maintenance. We know that a particular machine no longer needs an active license. We’ll revoke this license to remove it from the machine and make it available for another user. We’ll click the machine name from which we want to remove the license. Then, we’ll click the button that says “Action” and choose “Revoke a License”. In the gray text box under the column header “Quantity to Remove”, we’ll enter “1”, the number of license keys currently activated on the machine. Then, we’ll hit “Save” to commit this change.

We have one more task to do: a user has left the organization and we need to remove him from our system. In the Downloads and Licenses portal, we’ll select the menu “Accounts & Users” to search for this user’s name. In the Users Advanced Search, we can search this user using a few methods; we'll search this user by last name, Skywalker, which we’ll manually type into the text box. Once our user appears, we can select the checkbox next to his information and from the box labeled “Action”, click “Delete”. However, on second thought…perhaps it’s better to change this user’s status to “Inactive”. This way, we’ll be able to view this user’s history in the portal, in case we ever need it. We’ll click the user’s display name, which then takes us to a page that allows us to edit this user’s information. We can change this user’s name and contact information, as well as their access to the Downloads and Licenses portal and their status. We’ll change this user’s status from “Active” to “Inactive”, then save our changes.

For more information on Alteryx license administration, a number of additional resources are available to you. The Licensing Help Documentation provides detailed information on portal navigation and task execution. The Community includes an FAQ and Knowledge Base articles on a variety of topics related to licensing. Finally, any technical questions can be sent to our Fulfillment team at


UPDATE: As of 3/14/18, the URL "" will re-route to "".  To access the Downloads and Licenses portal, please sign in, and select the product you'd like to download, such as Designer, from the homepage.   Previous versions of your selected product can be downloaded on the following screen; toggle between "New Versions" for the latest version and "Previous Versions" for earlier, supported versions of the product.   



I am a graduate student. I already applied for one free subscription and waiting for my license since 3 weeks. How long do i have to wait to get it?

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@ashwingour, the trial versions comes loaded with a 14 day trial license. The software should be usable directly after installation as long as you select the 14 day trial on the licensing screen. If you have attempted to download the trial before with the same email address you won't be able to use the software. You would need to use a different email address.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




There's also an offer for students to get one year free subscription. I did apply for it like 3 weeks from now but still didn't get any notification. And also I made my account like three weeks ago. Still waiting but cant wait for longer since my school will start exactly two weeks from now. 

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@ashwingour I have reached out for you to our AlteryxForGood team who handles student licenses. They should be reaching out to you soon.



Thank you so much DanM. I am really in need of it and have a great day ahead.


I created my Alteryx account using my student account, more than a month back and I still have not received my 1-year subscription. I have been waiting for the mail but have not received it. Please help me out.

I am using Alteryx on Google Cloud windows VM and got problem when I was trying to activate it with my license. It showed me that the license cannot be activated in virtual machine. I contacted my license provider, but they said it should work anyway. Please help me out. 


I want to get a license for my work team at Mexico, mi company doesn't have an enterprise license, I already download the 14-days trial and send you messages in the contact us page, but I didn't receive any answer, could you help me to know how to get the Designer license?

Thanks in advanced.

Alteryx Partner



I am facing issue on configuring license. Each time configuring the license using offline activation after restarting my system. My system have certain script to delete the Temp file in C drive, I guess Alteryx license configuration also getting deleted due to this script. Now we are trying to exclude the Alteryx related file from the script, But we are not able to find the path. Could please me to resolve this issue. 


Dear all,


I kindly ask for your help. Initially I installed 2018 Alteryx and then 2019 version. I was facing some technical issues when attending to the elearning and then I uniinstalled both versions. When I tried to install 2019 again, I was not able to do it. I am afraid it has something to do with the license policy. What can I do?

Thank you in advance.





is there a workaround for licence activation on an AWS EC2 instance? I provisioned windows instance, I guess this what the "virtual environment" is refering to. Everything appears to be working normally till I try to activate then I get  this notification. I'm really eager to experiment with Alteryx, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.46.34 PM.png




Hello again,


I succesfully downloaded the Alteryx but I do not have a License key. Where can I find it? I've been asked to provide License key in order to activate the programme, but if I do not have a License, how can I activate it? Please help. KRs



Hi all,


For the best assistance, please reach out to with any licensing or deployment questions.




Hi all, I had a 14 day trial license but that has expired. How do I get a permanent license, is that something I can find here (I haven't found anything yet) or do I need to email to convert from trial to permanent?


Hello @nolazjewelz

You will need to reach out to to see if your company has purchased any licenses. If so, they can connect you with your license Admin to obtain a full copy of the product.