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How to Distribute YXI from the Gallery


How to Distribute a Custom YXI from Gallery


This article provides the steps on how you can distribute/share a custom YXI from Gallery. The idea here is to create a workflow containing the link/URL or location of the custom YXI for users to download.


  • Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server
    • version(s): All 
  • A file location accessible by everyone in the organization.


1. Create a workflow with the following tools:
  • A Text Input tool:
This is just a dummy tool or you can create a field containing the URL/location of the YXI for download.
  • A Report Text tool
This tool is used to embed the download URL and contains the description of the tool. 
  • A Render tool
This tool is used to output the text to a composer file (.PCXML).


2. Save the workflow to Gallery.

3. Run the workflow and the following will be displayed. Users can then click on the link to download the YXI.


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