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How to Create an Individual Value Thematic Map

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A common use case related to mapping is creating a map of customers that are color-coded, for example, according to which sister store they purchased from or which branch they bank at. Typically, a thematic map is thought of as a map of polygons shaded by a range of values. But in this case, we are shading points according to unique values.


In order to create a map like this, you simply need a file of points and a field that has groups of unique values, again, such as a store or a branch ID. In the example below, I simply thematically mapped our sample set of stores by county, which allows the audience to easily determine which county each store is in. This would be very similar to the use case of which store or branch the customer is associated with.


Here's how you do it:


After connecting your dataset to the Report Map tool, configure the following screens as shown:

  1. Choose the field to thematically map


  2. Select the 'Theme' option under the point layer your are mapping and choose the options as shown below


 After a few aesthetic adjustments, the map looks like this:




And the workflow looks like this, which is also attached to this post (created in 10.5).




Worth Noting:

This type of map does not lend itself to large groups of values. In these cases, there are many colors used, and due to the number of unique values, many shades of those colors. This makes it difficult to distinguish one group from the next.


Happy mapping!