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How to Check the Salesforce API Version of the Salesforce Input Tool


How to Check the Salesforce API Version of the Salesforce Input Tool

As the Salesforce platform announces their deprecation of older API versions and introduces new API versions, you may be concerned about whether Alteryx's Salesforce Input Tool may be affected. 

The Salesforce platform has retired API versions: v21.0, v22.0, v23.0, v24.0, v25.0, v26.0, v27.0, v28.0, v29.0, v30.0 and Alteryx Salesforce is currently on API version 42.0. The Salesforce Input Tool will not be affected by the deprecation of older API versions. Follow the procedure steps below to confirm what API version the Alteryx Salesforce Input Tool is on. 

As a new addition, Alteryx is proud to present Salesforce as a Data Source! It is already available, click here to review and download the Salesforce ODBC Driver. The Salesforce ODBC driver makes it possible to change the Salesforce API version that is being used, click here for the steps. 


  • Alteryx Designer
    • All Versions
  • Salesforce Input Tool
    • Any Version


1. Go to the file path where the Salesforce Input Tool was installed. This will typically be 
  • C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Tools\SalesforceInput_v4.2.4
2. In the SalesforceInput_v4.2.4 folder, identify a '' file. The name of the file is 'main' and the type of file is a Python File. 
3. Right click on file and open Edit with Notepad++. 
4. Scroll down the file to Line 40 or to the line that says # Custom Properties. Here you will be able to identify the tool version in self.api_version ='version#here'.
If you would like to see Alteryx utilize the most up to date Salesforce API version within the Salesforce Input Tool, please submit this request on the Alteryx Ideas page by clicking here. Other Alteryx users may have submitted this idea as well but it will need to gather more likes for the Product team to notice this as a highly favored request. You can like previous posts on the Ideas page regarding this on this post and this post

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