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How to Change Alteryx Designer Language?

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 How to change Alteryx Designer Language?


Starting with version v11.3, it is now possible to install Alteryx Designer in English, French or German. This will impact Designer interface, help page, Predictive tools (partially) and log messages.


Language must be chosen during Designer installation:


Download Manager:




Individual Installer:






In order to use a different language, Alteryx must be uninstalled and then re-installed.


Would love to see Russian or Polish too.


Thanks so much for the suggestion @vshashilov! Stay tuned to see when we release newly added languages for Designer. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Please enable switch language settings within the tool. Unfortunately I did not read this page before installing and am now stuck with the german version in my trial period.


Hi @outwork,


This is an excellent idea. Could you please post it to Alteryx Product Ideas so Alteryx Product Management team could see it?




Paul Noirel

Sr Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx

Is there any place where I can follow the launch of a new language? Be aware that they will release a version in Portuguese (Brazil). Do we have any predictions?


Hi @alexalvessw,


We do not yet have a formal place to notify our users of upcoming localized versions. Are you interested in using Alteryx in Brazilian Portuguese or any other languages in particular? I would love to hear more from you!





Global Localization Lead, Alteryx


Hello, yes, we have a project to implement Alteryx Designer and Server in the company Porto Seguro Cia de Seguros Gerais, in the Insurance segment, and it would be great to have the Designer in Portuguese from Brazil.
Some partners have helped us, such as Five Acts and Keyrus.
Is there any document with the product Roadmap?


 HI Alex, I run Beta programs at Alteryx.  We're really excited that you are interested in a Portuguese (Brazil) version of Designer. 


Today I'm going to add you to the list of other potential beta testers interested in that functionality and if/once it becomes available you'll be invited to join the beta!  Stay tuned


I am new to Alteryx Designer, when you have your final solution are you able to present it in different languages? Or do you have to have multiple versions/languages installed and complete the project multiple times? I have worked in Europe, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, England, and the U.S.. Being from Switzerland, we are used to multiple languages, so I am just curious. 



Hi @PhD_Student_AZ,


Welcome to Alteryx!! We currently provide Alteryx Designer in four languages - English, French, German and Japanese (more coming soon!) One of the great things about Designer is that you can create a workflow in any of our supported languages and share it with anyone regardless of their localized version of Designer; the workflow will simply open in the language they chose at installation.


For example, if I were to create a workflow in English Designer, and you have French Designer installed, the workflow I initially created in English, will open for you in French. This ensures that our users don't have to duplicate any work and can seamlessly share their workflows with one another, no matter their language. 


Let me know if you have any other questions!




Alteryx Partner

There should be a toggle option to switch language without re-installing the product.