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How To: Use PowerShell with Alteryx



Alteryx can use the Run Command Tool to run Powershell scripts and perform any Powershell specific commands. Note that in order to run PowerShell scripts you must make sure you have scripting enabled. You should consult with your IT department to see if you are allowed to enable this functionality.


Below is an example I made demonstrating the necessary run command tool configuration. The command will just be “PowerShell” to enable PowerShell mode in cmd.exe. Then your command arguments should be the path where the script is located so it can run:






In this particular case, I want to read into the Designer the results of my script, so I specify the file that is being written as the Read Results. My “helloworld.ps1” script only contains the below:


"Hello World" | Out-File c:\temp\test1.txt


 As you can see, this kicks off in the Designer and opens the script output file to continue downstream, successfully implementing Powershell scripting:



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I have noticed powershell is not working anymore after upgrading to 11.7. Can you confirm?

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Hi, this was helpful, thanks!


One note - I had a script located in a folder with spaces in the name like C:\foo bar\baz.ps1 and had to use single quotes instead of double quotes in the Command Arguments, e.g. & 'C:\foo bar\baz.ps1' worked while  & "C:\foo bar\baz.ps1" errored out with error code 1.




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@jdrummey : did you ever figure this out? I was having the same issue and I believe that it is just where your quotes are.


Run External program:



Command Arguments [Optional]:

'& "C:\foo bar\baz.ps1"'