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How To - Generate Dynamic Reports(PDF) based on grouped data in the Alteryx Designer

Use-Case Scenario: There are multiple departments in an organization. Each department has an Income and Expenditure for each year.

Requirement: To generate reports for each department, as a PDF File, and see the income and expenditure as a bar graph.

Steps to achieve the requirement:
  • Get the data into the Input tool
  • Pass the data to the "Table" tool and group it based on the Department(The grouping field)
  • Enable the "Bar Graph" feature and choose the field that needs to be displayed on the Bar Graph(Expenditure in this case)
  • Connect to the Report Header tool, to add the report header(date/time if needed) and the logo that you want the report to contain
  • Drag and connect to the Layout tool, to configure the layout of the report. In this case, we have chosen "Each Individual Record". Choose the layout configurations and the "Per Row Configuration"
  • Finally, connect to the Render tool to render the output to the PDF files, based on the grouped data. Here you would choose the "Field to Group on", Output file storage location, Report Style and other report file configurations.
  • Once you run the workflow, you would see 3 files, grouped based on the Departments, each having the different Department names, as the filenames with the extension as .pdf, stored in the provided location.

The above scenario is run through a workflow, which is attached in this article. This workflow generates multiple reports, based on the number of departments available, with the chosen configurations. 

A sample report of one of the Department would be as below:

idea Skyscrapersidea Skyscrapers

idea Skyscrapersidea Skyscrapers

idea Skyscrapersidea Skyscrapers

idea Skyscrapersidea Skyscrapers

idea Skyscrapersidea Skyscrapers