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How To: Export the Interactive View from Predictive Tools

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A number of the Predictive tools have Interactive Visualizations.  A Predictive tool will have this capability if you see an output anchor with the letter ‘I’ (for "Interactive").




They look something like this, pretty cool, eh?





You can export this by passing the Interactive output would need to go into a Layout tool and then a Render tool that saves out to an HTML file. The workflow would look something like this:


example workflow.png


An example of the above workflow is attached.

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

Great article, @PeterS!  The Composer files (*.pcxml) also preserve the interactivity.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Very cool Peter and Criston, but I'm having some problems getting this to work on my Gallery. As soon as the PCXML preview appears Windows Security starts demanding credentials. No combo of domain/username/password is acceptable.


When I swap in HTM for the PCXML I don't even get that far.  The app just errors:

The job Interactive Output from Predictive Tools did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:

• There was an unknown error executing the application. The engine reported status Error


Any ideas?

Community Content Engineer
Community Content Engineer

Hi @Garrett, did you change the output filepath to someplace local to your Gallery? 

Alteryx Certified Partner

No specific filepath. I'm just leaving the path relative to the workflow.


Solution to @Garrett's initial question here!