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How To: Create and use Personal Access Token from Tableau to Alteryx Designer


How to: Configure and use "Personal Access Token" based authentication of Tableau in Alteryx Designer/Server





  1. Login to the Tableau Online Server and click on the User profile icon located at the top-right corner:
  2. Choose "My Account Settings" from the dropdown
    • image.png
  3. Scroll down the page to locate the "Personal Access Tokens" section
  4. Type a name for the token and click "Create Token" in order to create the access token
    • image.png
  5. A pop-up displays the access token, along with the token name. Please copy paste this token name and access key to notepad, in order to use this in the Alteryx Designer:
    • image.png
  6. Launch the Alteryx Designer, and drag and drop the "Tableau Output" tool into the workflow canvas
  7. Choose "Personal Access Token" as the "Authentication method"
    • image.png
  8. Enter the Tableau Server URL and the Site name under "Site" field
  9. Copy the token name from the Tableau Server's Account settings page, that is just captured in Step 5, and paste into "Token Name" field.
  10.  Copy paste the token secret into the "Token Secret" field
  11. Click "Connect" to connect to the Tableau Online(Click on "Test Connection" to verify the tableau connection)
  12. Once the connection is successful, the Tableau projects and Datasources are populated as below:
    • image.png
  13. Choose the project and the corresponding data source, and navigate to "Options" tab
  14. Choose the required Output option and the mapping of the table, along with the right table name
    • image.png
  15. Run the workflow using the "Run" button located at the center-right corner of the Designer
Note: If this workflow needs to be run on the Alteryx Server, please make sure to install the "Tableau Output" connector on the Alteryx Server(in all the worker nodes - if this is a multi-node environment)

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