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HTML Visualizations in Alteryx?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Many skunk works type of products are never really seen by the public eye (such as the Boeing Joint Strike Fighter prototype).  The beauty of being a part of a software company that has both desktop and web products is that we have the ability to play with and show off our prototypes to the general public.  Enter interactive visualizations within Alteryx!
HTML5 Visualizations in Alteryx

(NOTE: The methods described in this article and the linked blog posts serve the sole purpose to display the flexibility of Alteryx and there is no current or future plan to further develop or productize this functionality.)  

The image you see above was directly pulled from an Alteryx output.  You may or may not have read the blog of our CTO, Ned Harding (If you haven't, I highly recommend subscribing!).  His recent posts revolve around a topic that has been brought up quite often in the Alteryx circles, reporting and visualizations within Alteryx.   In these articles, Ned displays a method to incorporate HTML5 and Javascript into a few macros with incredible results.  The first is a more static but visually pleasing output, while the second is a Public Gallery app that displays the use of interactive output.  Both are very interesting displays of the two technologies working in tandem to help the user better understand their data.

Check it out, test it out, and visit the links to the Public Gallery within the blog.  

Part 1: Alteryx: JSON Data Output


Part 2: Alteryx: HTML5 Visualizations


Part 3: Alteryx: Interactive HTML Visualizations