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Google BigQuery Permissions Error due to limits on rows returned


Error:'Unable to authenticate with Google BigQuery Storage API. Check your account permissions'


Environment Details

Using Simba ODBC driver connecting to Google Big Query through Input Data tool is successful but unable to run queries on one or more tables in dataset.The following error will occur:


[Simba][BigQuery](131)Unable to authenticate with Google BigQuery Storage API. Check your account permissions.

  • Alteryx Designer

    • Version: 2021.2.1.35394

  • Simba BigQuery ODBC

    • Version​​​​​​:




Limits on rows or column length are not set or set too low.



  • Confirmation of valid credentials and that user is part of service account which shows at a minimum Viewer permissions to dataset, such as that they are assigned the predefined GCP IAM role "BigQuery Read Session User". Please refer to  https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/docs/access-control#bigquery for details.
  • Confirm same SELECT query can be run successfully with the expected result returned in BigQuery UI Console under that same user



Solution A 

Ensure a LIMIT is applied in the query to the number of rows returned in Designer .

Solution B

Apply increases within the ODBC Driver configuration limits to the Rows Per Block & Default String Column Length


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