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GCSE-328: Error: "The COPY failed with error: End of record reached while expected to parse column" when trying to update Snowflake using Bulk Connection



Receive the following error upon running a workflow when trying to update Snowflake using Bulk Connection:

Output Data (9)    The COPY failed with error: End of record reached while expected to parse column '""nt_00521203e""["Field2":2]'¶  File 'nt_00521203e_d70f642206794be38ffbf7c70e258809/nt_00521203e_49bf6e1bf5ad4b9597ba235f099b531d.gz', line 2, character 2¶  Row 2, column ""nt_00521203e""["Field2":2]¶  If you would like to continue loading when an error is encountered, use other values such as 'SKIP_FILE' or 'CONTINUE' for the ON_ERROR option. For more information on loading options, please run 'info loading_data' in a SQL client.


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • All Versions.
  • Snowflake database.


Defect: GCSE-328
Status: Open

The column value incudes a ‘Line Feed’ or ‘Newline Character’ and Snowflake reads as a separation and interprets the field as a new row.  If you copy the Text Input value into Notepad++ and click on the pilcrow (¶) button you will see End of Line characters:



For bulk loading we create a csv file, stage that in snowflake and then copy it to the table, and when we create the csv file, the records get messed up because we don't use quote.



Defect GCSE-328 is target for resolution in future release.


Add the Data Cleansing tool to remove the leading/trailing whitespace and tabs/line breaks/duplicate whitespace.