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GCSE-169: 'Select Fields to Cleanse' in Data Cleansing tool is blank after saving and re-opening workflow



A workflow is created which includes a macro followed by a Data Cleansing tool, with multiple fields selected in the Select Fields to Cleanse pane. 


When the workflow is saved and re-opened, or published to Gallery then downloaded and opened, the Select Fields to Cleanse pane is either empty, or only one field has been selected.



Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2021.1 - 2021.3
    • Macro preceding the Data Cleansing tool
    • Data Cleansing tool



Defect GCSE-169 has been created for this issue and will be fixed in a future release.


  1. In order to populate the Select Fields to Cleanse pane of the Data Cleansing tool, re-run the workflow to re-establish the metadata.
  2. Save the workflow.

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