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Fix MapServer Error AGG error loading font

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

If you are unlucky while rendering a map in Alteryx with a Carto base map, you may face the following error message:



MapServer Error.png



Error: AGG error loading font (C:\WINDOWS\fonts\C:\Program)


Why is this happening?


Let's look at the map files used by MapServer - an open source third party application used for interactive mapping applications. They are located in .\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\MapServer.


A quick exam of files,, shows us that fonts Arial, Verdana and Verdana-bold are required. If MapServer can't find any one of these fonts an error will occur.


On modern versions of Windows, Arial and Verdana are available by default. But sometimes, to save some disk space, only shortcuts of the fonts will be available, causing the error.


Fonts status could be verified from %WINDIR%\fonts or Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Fonts:


The little blue arrow at the bottom left of the icon means that the font is a shortcut.




How to fix it


Fonts need to be available from %WINDIR%\fonts (ex: C:\Windows\fonts).


To resolve this issue:


First, select all fonts and click on Font Settings.





Then, untick Allow fonts to be installed using a shortcut (advanced), and click OK.




This should resolve the error on your machine.


Thank you.