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FAQs: Alteryx Connectors Deprecation - 2022.3


FAQs: Alteryx Connectors Deprecation

This article discussed about the Alteryx Connectors deprecation, for initial set of connectors, and clarifies the questions around the Connectors deprecation.

What is Connectors Deprecation?

Connectors Deprecation does not mean that we are removing the connectors and thus all the existing workflows will stop working. The deprecation means:

  • These connectors are no longer supported. If there’s a defect found in any of the deprecated connectors, there won’t be any fix for it, since for all of them there is a replacement connector with more enhanced features, and we strongly recommend the usage of the replacement connectors.

  • The connectors that are shipped with Designer are no longer visible on the tools palette or in the Single Access Point (the menu that opens for Input and Output tool). But existing instances of the tools will still work.

  • The connectors that are distributed via Community will be marked as Deprecated in the corresponding Community links.

Why is Alteryx deprecating a set of Connectors?

A set of existing Alteryx Connectors uses older technology that limits extension opportunities. Alteryx has built a new set of connectors, to replace the existing ones, and so the older connectors would be deprecated.

Which Alteryx Connectors are deprecated?

  • Publish To Tableau Server

  • SharePoint List I/O tools

  • Dynamic CRM

  • Google Sheets

  • Salesforce Einstein*

  • Salesforce wave*

* No new connectors will be released for these deprecated connectors

When is the Connectors deprecation happening?

Alteryx GA release - 2022.3

What would happen to my existing workflows which are using the deprecated connectors after the upgrade?

The deprecated connectors are not removed completely, so those workflows that use them should still work after upgrading to 2022.3. However, for Google Sheets connectors in older versions prior to 22.3 should be replaced by Google Drive connectors from 2022.3.

These deprecated connectors are not visible in my Alteryx Designer, for newer workflows. How do I add them?

The deprecated connectors can be added by clicking on the Tool palette, and right click to choose "Show Deprecated Tools". This will populate those deprecated connectors under "Connectors" tab(provided the connectors are properly installed)


Can I still use these deprecated connectors in my workflow?

Yes, these connectors are still available on "Show Deprecated Tools" option. However, it is highly recommended to use the newest connectors to replace the deprecated connectors, as the newer ones have a lot of enhancements and features added to it.

What are the newer connectors replacing the Deprecated Connectors?

  • Deprecated ConnectorReplacement Connector
    Publish to Tableau Tool**Tableau Output
    Sharepoint List I/O**Sharepoint I/O
    Dynamic CRM I/ODataverse I/O
    Google SheetsGoogle Drive
    Salesforce Einstein-
    Salesforce Wave-
** Shipped within Alteryx Designer

Will there be any Connectors deprecation happening in the future?

Yes, the above set is the initial deprecated set of connectors, and we highly recommend to use the newer version of any Connector(DCM enabled) on the supported Alteryx version, as we strive to improve the features of each connector with the latest technologies.